Womban Wisdom

Who is this experience for?

This experience is for women of all ages and backgrounds that are ready to connect in a community of powerful heart-centered, feet-on-the-ground women. 
This journey is an invitation to come fully into our bodies and experience the depth of what that means as a woman during these times.  
Woman’s wisdom has been hidden or severed for centuries and we are feeling the call to share and support one another as we reclaim, remember and reignite the feminine mysteries, which reside in the bodies of each and every one of us.

 As we spiral together, we will explore and unravel our relationship to food, our bodies and the Earth’s body, healing through nourishment, movement, hormonal health, gut & womb work as well as embodying what it means to live in cyclical relationship with the Moon.
We all have the inner wisdom to create a joyful, empowered state of being which is in sync with the rhythms of nature and which respects and trusts the medicine She brings. By tapping into our wild, and intuitive state of being we will explore what it means to uproot from the modern patriarchal narrative and tune into the Wise Woman Way.
Every woman holds divine gifts and healing magic, we would be honoured to celebrate and weave this work together in a sisterhood that is embodied, connected and guided by Mama Earth. 

Sink your roots deep into the soil, call on your ancestors, learn from the plant allies and allow yourself to deepen and expand as we journey together on this week of ReWilding.

What to expect during these 7 days

  •  Come home to your body in our movement, dance & guided embodiment practices 

  • Empower yourself through workshops that offer the tools and space to find & speak your truth and embrace your vulnerability.

  • Find the wild woman within, shedding the layers that separate us from our raw selves. Exploring with curiosity & passion as we reclaim our birthright.

  •  Connect to your womb and the wisdom within, exploring your sexuality in the red tent circles.

  • Call on your ancestors and the ancestors of the land we are on, respectfully foraging, honouring & preparing food from the land with local mamas as guides.

  • Harvest plants to craft medicine and herbal infusions the wise woman way.

  • Learn to listen to your cycle, understand your hormones and connect to the phases of the moon.

  • Unravel the starving women archetype that is rooted in punishment, rules & shame and explore nourishment from the wise traditions that ask us to trust our bodies, transforming our relationship with food.

  • Create space for exploring the repressed archetypes of the feminine with practices that invite rage, death, and rebirth so we can truly own all that we are as women.

  • Enjoy the freedom to express yourself in a community of warm, heart-centered women who are open and committed to owning and becoming all that they are.

  • Take time for yourself to create, sleep, relax, journal, laugh and cry. All of you is welcome here!

Prepare for your journey

All women are welcome, just as you are.

Pack: sunblock, good vibes, hat, swimsuit, head lamp, your vulnerability, water bottle, comfortable clothes, your sense of adventure, walking shoes

Tech: We invite you to leave your phone, ipad and laptop turned off and in your bag to give yourself a chance to fully explore and integrate this experience. This is not a rule, just an invitation (bring a book)

 Scholarship offering: Because we want this experience to be inclusive to as many women as possible, we have 2 part scholarships available for women who wouldn’t normally have space or the opportunity to do this.
1.A women from a disadvantaged background
2.An elder/crone (60+) years 
If you identify with one of the above and would like to attend please get in touch to find out more about the scholarship


Empowerment workshops

* Conscious communication
* Authentic relating
*Empowered living
*Shadow work

Embrace your self and reclaim your power with the tools shared during our empowerment workshops. Speak your truth and bear witness to others doing the same, acknowledging and befriending your deepest desires, fears and joys in a safe lovingly held space. The tools shared in these workshops is sure to release your inner wise woman, bringing you into alignment with the meaningful life you are here to live.


Folklore, herbalism and plant medicine

* Learn about the Wise Woman way
* Make your own nourishing infusion
* Make flower crowns while sipping on wild botanical elixirs

fire dance.jpg

Red tent and sister sharing lodge

There will be a sister lodge or red tent circle most evenings during your 7 days with us.
The sister lodge is a unique healing space where we give thanks to our ancestors, connect to the elements and create ceremony together. This will be the time to share stories, find our voices and celebrate

The Red tent circle is where we will dive deeper into our womb work, shedding patriarchal conditioning, unravelling trauma, healing our masculine and feminine and honouring our bodies innate wisdom.


Mindful movement

We will be moving our bodies every day. Whether in our yoga studio or playing with the elements outside, moving in wild and wonderful ways.

Embodied movement is an integral part of this experience as it is through this that we open our hearts, release tension and let energy flow, creating space for us to go deeper.
Some of the types of movement we will play with:
* playful yoga
* barefoot walking/primal movement
* conscious dance journeying
* swimming

moon cycles.jpg

Moon cycle workshop

Our cycles are interwoven with Nature and are a reflection of of the cyclical state of Mama Earth.

*Listening to your cycle
*Seed cycling
*Menstrual issues and sexual trauma
*Hormonal nutrition
*Morning ritual and meditation

Trudy 1-78 copy.jpg

Wild food forage

Discover the world of wild foods and how to sustainably and responsibly forage.
Learn how to identify certain weeds and how to prepare them properly.
Wild plant food is one of the most vibrational raising ways to reconnect with nature. Intuitively foraging for wild foods can help foster a much more sustainable way of life.

We will also be eating organic animal fats from local bio dynamic regenerative farms as we learn why eating raw fermented yoghurt, bone broths and other animals based fats is good for hormone and gut health

Enjoy the day foraging, prepping and creating a wildly delicious meal together as we gather in circle and cook over an open fire, and feast until our hearts content as dusk turns into night.


Free time

There will be free time to do as you please. Whether you use this time for inner journeying, connecting with new friends, reading a book or journalling, this is your space to be exactly as you are


Included in your experience

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • 2 Red tent circles

  • 2 Sister lodge ceremonies

  • All nourishing meals and spring water

  • Herbal teas and coffee

  • Wild food forage and cooking class/gut health nutrition with Carly

  • Daily yoga, dance and movement

  • 2 self-empowerment workshops

  • Infusions workshop with Annette

  • ReWilding and bush skills class with Carly

  • Wise Woman Way class with Annette

  • Free Gift: A Hormonal harmony booklet and 30 minute FAM consultation

Meet the team


Carly Esterhuizen
Your host, Green Witch and skills facilitator

I am a woman of the Earth and owner of The Wild Love. I believe in the power and wisdom of Mother Nature and an advocate of earth-nurturing stewardship. Using my skills and offering the tools to support women on their journey of re-wilding and unlearning is what makes my heart sing. I draw inspiration from my European lineage, the Green Witch path and women’s work. After years of studying and immersing myself in the world of herbalism, bush crafting, nature guiding and self- empowered work I feel honoured to guide you into a space of alignment. Weaving together nature, nurture and nourishment I am here with you as you find your unique medicine.

I am obsessed with all things nature-related and I spend my free time connecting with the Earth, practicing wilderness skills, having real, juicy conversations, walking barefoot and tending to my backyard chickens. I am a Wild and Empowered woman and I invite you to join me on this journey.


Annette Muller
Your host, Green Witch and embodiment guide

Annette goes by witch, weaver, writer, she is a rebel, a model and a guide. A shapeshifter that refuses to conform to one category. As an embodiment guide, she invites you back to your first home, your body, so you may learn to trust your own innate wisdom and become the healer you seek. Initiated as a Green Witch in the Wise Woman Tradition, Annette encourages reconnection to the natural world, embracing the plants as our healing allies. Annette is on a mission to support our journey’s back to wholeness by breaking cycles of trauma that have kept us fractured and separated. The rebel in her invites you to be wild, to seek the sacred and to be bold in your expressions. Her offerings are nourishing, nurturing, simple and accessible, leaving you with a feeling of peace and connectedness.


14-20 December 2020

Accommodation & Location

Held at Guinevere Guest Farm situated just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. 

The accommodation is surrounded, almost cradled, by majestic mountains in the Tulbagh valley on a nature-full farm. There are many places to relax and reflect in this large retreat farmhouse that you have all to yourself for the duration of the week. The farm has over 5km of walking paths, a swimming dam and wood fired hot tubs in amongst the fynbos.

All the rooms are beautiful, large, and comfortable with en-suite bathrooms and balconies overlooking the valley. You will be sharing a bedroom with one or two people.




Early bird: R11100 -Ends 11 Sept



Normal price: R12195- from 12 Sept

we are accepting payment plans. if you would like to join but cannot afford to put down the full amount please get in touch with us directly: carly@wildlove.life