Nourished Woman Retreat

21-24 March 2024

Are you ready to embrace your femininity and connect with your body on a deeper level?

Nourish. Connect. Liberate

Our aim is to empower women to embrace abundance by letting go of restrictive habits, gaining knowledge through wise wisdom, and equipping themselves with practical tools to live a life in harmony with nature. We provide natural solutions that help prevent dis-ease, and nourish the body, mind and soul, so that women can live a juicy, vibrant passion filled life .

are you feeling…


like you're constantly pouring from an empty cup and have lost sight of your own self-care

a common experience for many women to feel like they’re constantly pouring from an empty cup. Amidst the endless demands of daily life, self-care and self-worth often takes a backseat.
We have wonderful workshops planned to provide simple techniques that will beat the feeling of overwhelm, giving you a toolset that will allow you to embrace  & integrate self-care within our busy daily lives.


In a society that values external validation over internal guidance, it can be challenging to trust your own intuition and inner voice.
At NOURISHED woman retreat we will assist you in coming back to your body and your womb intelligence. Soften into your innate wisdom, leading you to your true path home.

Not living in alignment with your true self can manifest in different ways, such as feeling unfulfilled in your career, relationships, or personal life, or feeling like you’re constantly searching for something that seems out of reach.
Connecting with your fellow sisters in circle, challenging yourself to learn more and simply being free together in nature may be just what you need to reset and find your way forward.

You may be experiencing frustration and disappointment with the endless cycle of trying different diets without seeing positive results.
We aim to end the ‘scarcity’ cycle and rather focus on abundance. Learning to love yourself is an ongoing journey and we have found that focusing on simple ancestral health practices and living in tune with your natural cycle brings true health and a sense of peace within.

What to Expect

This retreat is not just a weekend getaway;  it is an investment in your health and well being.

A 4 day transformative gathering that supports women in living their juciest life. Access a range of embodied movement practices, nutritional knowledge and recipes, sisterhood and spiritual practices.


  • Luxury accommodtion
  • Wild food  forage
  • Hands-on medicine making skills
  • Red tent herbal embodied workshop
  • How to prepare wild and animal based foods into nourishing meals
  • Herbal self-care workshop
  • Lymphatic drainage techniques
  • Tools and materials needed to make your own medicine
  • Cold immersion (ice bath)
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Sharing circles
  • 95 ha farm to explore
  • Pristine swimming dam & hot tub
  • Access to online integration circle

Herbal self-care workshop

A holistic & intuitive approach to self-care, focusing on simple, natural remedies and techniques that promote both inner and outer wellness. We will enjoy a gentle facial, create our own face balm and herbal gummies to support our skincare from within.

Nourish your hormones

We’ll be preparing delicious grass fed meats, probiotic rich foods,making cheese and foraging for wild greens. All to deeply nourish the body and soul

Red tent herbal workshop

Reconnect to your femininity through dance and embodiment practices. Tap into your creativity and enjoy the juiciness of life. Learn all about how herbs can support your womb space.

Sister circles

The sharing circles and rituals are an invitation to drop into your vulnerability and deepen your relationship with the earth, each other and yourself.

About Lizl

Hello, my name is Lizl. I am a natural living enthusiast and believe that true health starts in the natural, free world. This is why I find Yoga & Herbalism to be such incredible and rewarding pieces of the puzzle. I am so excited for the opportunity to empower you in developing your own relationship with the natural world, bringing healing and wellbeing into your life.
Over the years, I have gained invaluable knowledge and a unique skillset by practicing & completing a range of courses in yoga, herbalism, aromatherapy and flower remedies.
However, my love of nature and the healing power it possesses ensures that I remain a lifelong student.
I look forward to connecting with each of you during this retreat, to share what I have learnt and create a transformative experience together.


About Carly

Hi, I’m Carly, a women’s health advocate on a mission to promote feminine awakening and wellness. From an early age, I experienced the pressure to conform and prioritize societal acceptance over self-expression. I struggled to make authentic connections and sought validation from others, leading to years of yo-yo dieting and over-exercising. Eventually, I realized that I needed to prioritize my health, and I began diving deep into holistic herbalism and nourishing myself with natural healing methods. With a focus on whole foods, plant medicine and menstrual cycle awareness, I began healing and  found peace in my femininity. Now, I guide women on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment through herbal wisdom and sisterhood. Join me on the path to becoming your vibrant, authentic self.


We have included two different accommodation options to suit your preference.

This retreat is being held at Guinevere Guest Farm in Tulbagh which lends itself as the perfect venue for women’s retreats.  The accommodation is all under one roof, allowing intimacy yet still offering beautiful spaces for privacy when needed. Whether you choose a shared or private room you are guaranteed a comfortable and peaceful stay.

Shared suites
Early bird available

The shared bedrooms either have 3 double beds or 2 single beds in each and sleep between 2 and 3 women. They all have en-suite bathrooms and a balcony.

Private Queen suite
Early bird available

This bedroom has 1 king bed and a full en-suite master bathroom as well as private balcony. This package is for those who prefer extra privacy and quiet time to reflect.

Arian Gardner

I joined Carly on her Green Witch retreat in 2021 & absolutely loved every minute of it. We learnt so much about plants ~ it’s healing medicine both in body & spirit. We were spoilt with incredible, nourishing food and spent our days crafting, making a self-love potion (super powerful), cooking, creating and talking with like minded women. Will never forget this time. A must!

Almarie Stander

Your bushcraft retreat has impacted me on so many levels. I feel like I connected not only with my inner woman but also my inner child. I feel like a different person…Everything about the experiencee was magical. The food was excellent, the skills we learned were great and the food was amazing. I can’t wait until the next retreat!!

Ninette Tarlton

One of the most powerful, authentic, beautiful, inspiring and magical experiences of my life connecting openly with beautiful loving souls, self-reflecting and finding my voice, eating and learning about gorgeous, nutritious and delicious plant based organic foods and reconnecting with my precious love, nature.



nourished woman

Schedule a Call

Discover how the nourished woman retreat can support you in overcoming your limitations and experiencing the rooted beauty of feminine connection.

Every woman has a personal call to ensure that our energies and intentions align with your fullest expression. 

Each call is anything from 30-45mins long, so please keep your calendar open afterwards.

Looking forward
With love, Carly


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any extra costs involved?

This is an all inclusive experience. The only thing not included is tansport to and from the venue.


How far is the venue from the airpot?

The closest airport is Cape Town international and is a 90 minutes drive away. Its a very scenic and easy route. Directions will be given upon booking.


Are there any prerequisites to attend?

No. This retreat is for anyone interested in learning about herbal wisdom, animal based nutrition and feminine based practices. We welcome women aged 18+


How do I get there?

We recommend lift shares between attendees. There is no public transport, however w ecan arrange a shuttle from Cape Town airport at an additional cost. More info upon booking


Are men allowed to attend?

No. This retreat is exclusively for women (adult human females). 


I'm vegan. Can I still attend?

Yes, if you are curious to learn about and try the animal based foods and ancestral cooking techniques over fire. We will be including meat, eggs and raw dairy. The meals are made from whole foods and include ethically sourced and local animal based ingredients.