green witch retreat 26-29 April 2024

Break Free from Cookie-Cutter Herbalism

Find Your Unique Path to Healing on the Green Witch Retreat

Nourish yourself with a weekend of reconnection and remembering by engaging your hands and heart. This is an opportunity to learn traditional plant craft, commune with your sisters, and fortify your connections with yourself and the Earth.

sister, is this you?


Isolated from other women?

Do you feel isolated and unheard in a world that puts more emphasis on physical appearance than internal well-being? Do you feel like you are in constatnt competition with other women to “reach the top?”

In a society that values external validation over internal guidance, it can be challenging to trust your own intuition and inner voice. Do you have self doubt, or struggle to make your own choices?

Have you tried various western medications to alleviate your symptoms with little to no success? Do you feel frustrated and hopeless about finding an effective solution for your health issues? 

Does diet culture feel like an all-consuming force that seems to permeate every aspect of your life? From social media feeds to conversations with friends and family. Does it make you feel like you’re never good enough, perpetuating a cycle of shame and self-doubt?

About Carly Esterhuizen

Hi, I’m Carly, a women’s health advocate on a mission to promote feminine awakening and wellness. From an early age, I experienced the pressure to conform and prioritize societal acceptance over self-expression. I struggled to make authentic connections and sought validation from others, leading to years of yo-yo dieting and over-exercising. Eventually, I realized that I needed to prioritize my health, and I began diving deep into holistic herbalism and nourishing myself with natural healing methods. With a focus on whole foods, plant medicine and menstrual cycle awareness, I began healing and  found peace in my femininity. Now, I guide women on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment through herbal wisdom and sisterhood. Join me on the path to becoming your vibrant, authentic self.

What to Expect

4 days of in depth herbalism, wild food foraging, yoga, dance, fire cooking and  self development. This is a journey into awakening your feminine with Wise Woman Wisdom. You will leave feeling confident, grounded and juicy with a better understanding of how to use herbs to heal yourself and your family.


  • Foraging excursions
  • Plant identification skills
  • Ethical wildcrafting techniques
  • Hands-on medicine making skills
  • Tea making methods: How to get the best medicine from plants
  • Tincturing methods: Folk and ratio
  • Honeys and oxymels
  • Incense and herbal smoke blends
  • All the tools and materials needed to make your own medicine
  • How to prepare wild foods into nourishing meals
  • Hand printed Foraging tote
  • Materia medica
  • Access to online integration circles and herbal webinars

Magical herbalism

Gain trust in yourself again using your intuition. Form a deep connection to the Earth. Identify and harvest wild plants confidently and repsonsibly.

Wild food foraging

Leave with the knowledge to identify and forage for wild herbs. You’ll have practical skills and recipes to make your own delicious wild meals

Womb awakening

You will reconnect to your femininity through dance and embodiment practices. tap into your creativity and enjoy the juiciness of life

Sister circles

The sharing circles and rituals are an invitation to drop into your vulnerability and deepen your relationship with spirit, other women, and yourself.

Carol Mulrooney

Just to thank you for the awesome weekend. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you too, for sharing your abundant knowledge with us. I simply love the spontaneous manner in which you teach. You have the rare ability of teaching in a wonderfull relaxed and carefree manner. Your passion for wild and wonderful plants is evident as you speak and it shows that you’re really teaching from your heart.
I enjoyed being part of the wonderful group of like-minded women all learning and experimenting with the plants and herbs and creating the “green witchy” atmosphere.
Together with the delicious vegetarian meals offered this was definitely a recipe for a magcal weekend.
Guinevere Guest Farm is such a special place and I found that it’s magic energy remained with me throughout our journey home and continued to linger with me into the following day.

Nalaee Seetal

Carly is a generous hostess who invites the feminine element into the wild & her knowledge of the plants offers seeds to the wind. She presented us with such dynamic tools to survive & have fun in the wild. This retreat transforms & revives when you soak up the medicine of the other woman & nature. I left feeling sustained, strong & really well fed. “The Wild love” is a tree of great roots.

Alex von Salmuth

The whole Yoga Retreat was a remarkable experience. I loved the Food, Workshops, the Ecstatic Dance and the Sweat Lodge Sessions the most, just to name a few. I met super interesting people and Carly, the retreat host is an amazing host. I felt cared for throughout the 6 days. I would highly recommend this retreat to everyone who wants to take a break from their busy life and recharge their batteries.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any extra costs involved?

This is an all inclusive experience. The only thing not included is tansport to and from the venue.


How far is the venue from the airport?

The closest airport is Cape Town international and is a 90 minutes drive away. Its a very scenic and easy route. Directions will be given upon booking.


Do I have to have any previous herbal knowledge?

No. This retreat is for anyone interested in learning about herbal wisdom and the Green Witch Path whether you have herbal experience or not.


How do I get there?

We recommend lift shares between attendees. There is no public transport, however w ecan arrange a shuttle from Cape Town airport at an additional cost. More info upon booking


Are men allowed to attend?

No. This retreat is exclusively for women (adult human females). 


Im vegan. Can I still attend?

Yes, if you are ready to nourish yourself with animal based foods and ancestral cooking techniques over fire. We will be including meat, eggs and raw dairy, and cannot cater to vegans. The meals are made from whole foods and include ethically sourced and local animal based ingredients.