We, as women, have been taught to fear ourselves (as well as nature). Witches know differently and so embrace their wild nature and align themselves with the cycles of the Earth and the phases of the Moon. We are the Wild Women, here to unleash our authentic selves and become the embodiment of our truth.

Many of us, even if we feel inexplicably drawn to the idea of ‘being a Witch’, have a certain stigma around that word. Even I, who has fully embraced my witchy side over the past year, feel a little self-conscious when claiming this part of myself.

We owe that stigma to the patriarchy — the masculine societal rule that has penetrated the planet for thousands of years. Now I’m not talking about men, or gender, but the masculine energy which has suppressed the feminine for far too long.

Witches love the earth, and worship nature. The Witch understands that the magic is within the Earth itself and within her.

If you aren’t even sure you are a Witch, or think to yourself, ‘nah, I don’t know any magic’, then I would love to share with you my 11 signs you may be more Witchy than you think, below…’Cause I have a feeling you’ll be surprised by how many of these signs align with you and your daily life. Any one of these signs resonating with you could be a clear indicator that you are the witch you’ve always wished to be.

“Being a Witch isn’t about the hocus-pocus. And it isn’t about what you buy, wear, or post on social media, or how you act. Being a Witch is a gift and gives you the power to heal yourself, change your life, change the world and conjure your every dream. To connect with the Magick that lives within you”

Juliet Diaz



You find yourself longing to be in nature when you are not and feel right at home, when you are. Finding stillness and peace amongst the trees in the woods, relishing the stormy seas or embracing the sweltering heat of the desert plains, connecting to and allowing the sensations each one brings.


Do you listen to your inner voice, allowing it to guide you through life’s challenging moments? Intuition is the vision in your mind’s eye right before something is about to happen and then.. *poof*, like magic, it appears. It is the phone call or message you receive out of the blue after thinking about that person. Our intuition is the force that guides us – it is the only force we should follow. Intuition invites us to trust ourselves and remain true to who we are.


Do you feel in tune with the energy and spirit of the Four elements? Air, Water, Fire and Earth, are the elements that make up this realm we call our home, the planet earth. Do you find the answers to life through the patterns in nature? Do you notice the cycles and seasons and is your body aligned with them?


Are you a healer? Or interested in the healing arts? Do you find yourself naturally drawn to Eastern and other alternative healing modalities instead of traditional western medicine? Witches are born healers, called to heal through energy work or through the use of herbal remedies and other plant medicine.


Are animals drawn to you? Do you find yourself rescuing birds, mice and more, nursing them back to health yourself or finding other people to heal them? Can you communicate with animals? And have you ever had a dog or cat follow you home? Animals and Witches are integrated with nature and so are drawn to, and understand, each other. Expect animals to be a big part of your life.


Do you embody the wise, or crone, archetype? Do you sometimes feel wise beyond your years? Are you called an old soul by family and friends? The wise woman is kind and compassionate, while also aligning with the mysterious, magical and prophetic. She is the keeper of traditions and knowledge, the voice of nature.


Are you passionate about cooking? Do you love to host guests in the warmth of your home and help in the community with your skills, passing your recipes, rituals and household tips on to others? Kitchen Witchcraft combines Hearth & Home with Magic & Enchantment.


Are you fascinated with the moon? Staring up at the night sky, feeling pulled by the moon’s energy? Do you follow the phases of the moon, working with them in your daily life? A Witch will use the power of the natural world around her, including the moon, planets and stars to enhance her skills and practice magic.


Do you often feel misunderstood, like you just don’t, or didn’t, fit in? Do you get overwhelmed with big crowds and find solace outside in the quiet of nature or in your home? Witches like their space, for in this space is where they come up with their magical rituals, spells and ideas.


Do you find yourself collecting stones, crystals, feathers and other earth objects for your bedroom shelves or altar? Do you connect to the symbolism of these items and use them prayer and intention-setting? Do you have a spirit animal to call upon for guidance and give thanks to your ancestors?

11. IMAGINATION & visualisation

Imagination, otherwise known as visualisation, is the sacred door to magic and is an integral part of a Witch’s journey. Through our imagination we tap into the magic that is all around us, aligning ourselves with the infinite energy of existence.