Wild and Empowered December

Who is this experience for?

This experience is for women of all ages and backgrounds that are ready to connect in a community of powerful heart-centered women. This is a magical opening to experience a greater sense of belonging and relationship with the wild world around you, refine and grow your ancestral skills and feed the wild woman within.
We are calling upon the women who are willing to say yes to new challenges and ready for an adventure!

Celebrate the beauty of life and womanhood by learning earth-based skills such as fire making, spoon carving, and herbal medicine. Connect to your inner wise woman in our steam lodge and moon ceremonies.
Our ancestors all over the world relied on primitive skills to provide in their everyday needs and you will learn how to use natural resources to provide you with an empowered way of being.

On this 7 day retreat we will focus on learning bushcraft skills, mindful yoga, conscious dance and self-development exercises that you will be able to continue to use on your journey of self discovery.

Sink your roots deep within the ground, call on your ancestors, the flowers and the animals and allow your spiritual imagination to deepen and expand as we take you on this powerful ReWilding journey.

On this 7 day adventure…

  • Come home to your body in our yoga and dance classes

  • Empower yourself in the self-development workshops where we give you the tools and space to speak your truth and embrace your vulnerability.

  • Tap into your wild women to ignite curiosity, passion and a joyfulness, as you reclaim your birthright

  • Connect to your ancestors and your primal self as you learn different bushcraft skills

Nourish your body and increase your energy as we learn about wild foraged foods and traditional folk medicine

  • Enjoy the freedom to express yourself just as you are in a community of warm and open women, sharing from the heart

  • Take time for yourself to create, sleep, relax, journal, laugh and cry. It is all welcome here

Prepare for your retreat

All women are welcome regardless of age, background or fitness levels.

Pack: sunblock, good vibes, hat, swimsuit, your truth, water bottle, comfortable clothes, your sense of adventure, walking shoes

Tech: We invite you to leave your phone, ipad and laptop turned off and in your bag to give yourself a chance to fully explore and integrate this experience. This is not a rule, just an invitation (bring a book)

 Special offer: Because we want this experience to be inclusive to all, we have 1 spot available at a 50% discount
If you would like to participate but cannot afford this please send us an email with your motivation.

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Bushcraft classes

*Friction fire with flint and steel.
* Carving a bushcraft spoon from wood.
*Learn to build a survival shelter with natural materials
You will take home everything you make on the course

**Class content subject to change depending on skills facilitators


Folk herbalism and bush medicine

* Sustainably wild-harvest plants
* Make a smoke wand and loose incense
*Create teas with the wild plants and herbs from the garden
* Make flower crowns while sipping on wild botanical drinks
Create your own basic first aid kit using the plants around you

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Steam lodge and moon ceremony

There will be one steam lodge ceremony during your 7 days with us. The steam lodge is a unique healing ritual with deep detoxifying benefits to the body, mind and soul. It is an experience that delivers a journey of physical and spiritual purification. Whilst inside the lodge, people may speak, share stories, sing songs and give thanks to the Earth.
*Physical Detoxification & Healing
*Mental Purification & Healing
*Spiritual Healing

We will also host a special moon ceremony honouring ourselves as women and cyclical beings


Conscious movement

We will be moving our bodies in various different ways. Whether in our yoga studio or playing with the elements outside, moving in wild and wonderful ways.

Embodied movement is an integral part of this experience as it is through this that we open our hearts, release tension and let energy flow, creating space for us to go deeper.
Some of the types of movement we will play with:
* vinyasa and hatha yoga
* dancing through the elements
* conscious dance journeying
* barefoot walking

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fabric alchemy: batik and eco printing

We will be working with natural plant fibres and plant material to create beautiful fabrics with the colours of nature.
Batik is a process where selected areas of the cloth are blocked out by brushing or drawing hot wax over them, and the cloth is then dyed. The parts covered in wax resist the dye and remain the original colour. This process of waxing and dyeing can be repeated to create more elaborate and colourful designs. After the final dyeing the wax is removed and the cloth is ready.

Eco printing is a process of transferring colour from plant material onto a cloth by boiling or steaming fabric. This produces a beautifully earthy and organic finished product

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Self-development workshops

Embrace your self and reclaim your power with the tools shared during our empowerment workshops.

Speak your truth and bare witness to others doing the same, acknowledging and befriending your deepest desires, fears and joys in a safe lovingly held space.

The tools shared in these workshops is sure to release your inner wise woman, bringing you into alignment with the meaningful life you are here to live.

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Wild food foraging

Discover the world of wild foods and how to sustainably and responsibly forage.
Learn how to identify certain weeds and how to prepare them properly.
Wild plant food is one of the most vibrational raising ways to reconnect with nature. Intuitively foraging for wild foods can help foster a much more sustainable way of life. Wild foods require no packaging; cause no pollution and they don’t require the harmful, man made chemicals that are found in commercial farming. Most, if not all, wild edible foods are packed full of vitamins and minerals that far surpass any cultivated varieties of fruit and vegetables.

Enjoy the day foraging, prepping and creating a wildly delicious meal together as we gather in circle and cook over an open fire, and feast until our hearts content as dusk turns into night.


Sister circles

On retreat we make sure to make time for sharing circles. Checking in with the group to see what has come up for anyone, who would like to speak their truth and allowing others to do the same. Our circles might be held in the studio, outside by the lake or around a fire, where we will connect, sing and share myths to feed the wild woman within.


Included in your experience

  • 6 nights accommodation

  • 1 steam lodge ceremony

  • 1 moon lodge ceremony

  • All organic meals and spring water

  • Herbal teas and coffee

  • Wild food forage and cooking class

  • Daily yoga and movement

  • 2 bushcraft classes

  • fabric alchemy workshop

  • 1 night camping (optional)

  • Folk herbalism and bush medicine class

  • 2/3 self-development workshops

  • Sharing circles

  • Transfer to and from the venue (from a central point in Cape Town)

  • Bushcraft gift pack

Meet the team

Your host, green witch and skills facilitator: Carly will be your host and resident skills guide, sharing her love and knowledge of bushcraft, conscious communication, and plant magick. Carly approaches her teaching style to the way of the Green witch, using her intuition, vast knowledge and practical skills to guide and inspire.

Yoga and movement: Annette Muller will be graciously guiding you through the movement classes, whether yoga, dance or other forms of movement.

Retreat chef: Amber Gisele, Founder of Wilde Flour Co will be our Kitchen Queen- ”My dream is to share delicious and nutritious foods with like-minded, open-hearted individuals. Wilde Flour Co was born out of my love for nourishing plant-based foods, and along my journey as a plant-based eater, I have discovered the power of plants and the healing properties they bring to the human body and mind.”- Amber
At The Wild Love we know how important it is to nourish your body and feel alive and energised. We only serve high vibrant food buzzing with all the nutritious goodness you will need to feed your body and soul. All our food is plant based, locally sourced (if not directly from our farm) and organic where possible.

We welcome all women to join us on this adventure, be inspired by, and make lifelong connections with incredible, like-hearted women.

15-21 Dec 2020

Accommodation & Location

Held at Guinevere Guest Farm situated just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. 

The accommodation is surrounded, almost cradled, by majestic mountains in the Tulbagh valley on a nature-full farm. Whether you stay in a private room with en-suite bathroom and a balcony or whether you share a room with one or two others, there are many places to relax and reflect in this large retreat farmhouse that you have all to yourself for the duration of the week.

All rooms are beautiful, large, and comfortable with en-suite bathrooms, seating areas, and balconies overlooking the Tulbagh Basin. The private rooms are equipped with seating areas and en-suite bathrooms with private balconies. Meanwhile, shared rooms are facilitated with double beds and en-suite bathrooms.


PRIVATE ROOM - KING BEDS W/ PRIVATE BATH  Features: En-suite Master Bathroom, Private Balcony, Kingsize Bed

Features: En-suite Master Bathroom, Private Balcony, Kingsize Bed


Regular price: R17995

SHARED ROOM - DOUBLE BEDS W/ PRIVATE BATH  Features: Ensuite Bathroom, shared balcony, 3 Double Beds

Features: Ensuite Bathroom, shared balcony, 3 Double Beds


Regular price: R15595