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Folk medicine- herb bundles and loose incense

FOLK MEDICINE- Herb bundles and loose incense PART 2 OF A 4 PART SERIES

EXCHANGE: R450 for 1 workshop or R1600 for all 4 workshops
Please note This workshop is part 2 of a 4-part series but can be attended as a single workshop.

Join The Wild Love as we dive into the myth and magic of folk medicine
In this workshop you will learn how to create your own smoke bundles and incense with various herbs, resins and local plants.

The day will begin with an introduction to each plant and its various uses as well as how to harvest sustainably. You will learn about smoke medicine in it’s various forms through stories, myths and folklore. We make sure to use all our senses as we taste, touch, smell, look and feel/listen when making each bundle and incense blend

This is mean’t to be a fun informative and hands-on workshop, igniting some magic and sparkle into your life with the wonderful world of plants.

Part 1: teas and tinctures
Part 2: smudge sticks and loose incense
Part 3: essences and hydrosols
Part 4: balms and salves

What to expect:
* Learn how to responsibly wild- harvest and grow your own herbs/plants
* Make your own herb smoke bundles to take home
*Create different blends of loose incense to take home
*Create your own cleansing ritual with crystals and smoke medicine
* Use your senses as we Look, Touch, Taste, Listen and Smell, as we connect with each plant
* Enjoy some light snacks made from nutrient dense wild foraged foods after the workshop

What to bring:
A mug for your tea/water (trying to keep it waste free as possible)
Good vibes and a curious mind
*note pad and pen- optional (I will email all info to you afterwards)
**I will provide all other materials needed

Time: 10:00-15:00
Place: Muizenberg (details will be given upon booking)