A naughty nettle recipe



Stinging nettles are found all over the world and have been used as a food, fabric, medicine, and cosmetics for thousands of years. Its wide array of uses includes everything from stimulating the libido to easing and treating coughs and congestion. Touching the leaves of a wild stinging nettle can cause skin irritation. However, when the nettle’s stinging hairs are crushed, cooked, or boiled,  their stinging abilities are eliminated making them safe for consumption.
Because of the iron dense nettles and energy boosting honey, this elixir is a great remedy for those who experience dizziness, anemia, or physical weakness. It is also excellent in helping relieve rheumatism and arthritis symptoms. But the reason for sharing this elixir  recipe is for the libido boosting properties. So if you are in the mood for some all night lovin’ then be sure to take a spoonful or two of this delicious elixir before slipping into bed 😘
You only need four ingredients to make this elixir and a bit of patience, but it’s fairly easy so don’t be put off by the wait time.


 fresh nettle leaves
200-250g honey
300ml good quality brandy
1 vanilla pod, split lengthways
500ml-750ml jar (Depends how much nettles you have)


benefits the endocrine system
stimulates the libido

rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
improves circulation
helps treat throat infections
kills parasites
boosts immunity
improves skin and hair
increases energy levels


antiseptic properties
strengthens the immune system
effectively treats coughs
helps lower blood pressure
promotes heart health
improves the skin
reduces gastrointestinal disorders
regulates blood sugar levels

Wash and pick the fresh nettle leaves in cold water.
If you want to make sure that you get  rid of the needles, you can rub the nettle leaves in a towel, and then rinse them again to make sure there’s no residue on them.
Finely chop (or mash) nettle leaves and place them in a jar.
Only fill the jar with the nettle leaves up to 3 quarters, then add the split vanilla pod. Pour the brandy first, making sure to cover all of the leaves. Then pour the honey over the nettle leaves until the jar is filled.
Close the lid and vigorously shake the jar before placing it in a cool dark place.
Let it sit and soak for 30 days, but make sure that you shake the jar every day for the first week to ensure an even distribution.
After 30 days, filter the mixture and you have your elixir.
Store your elixir  in the fridge for a syrupy consistency. Otherwise storing it in your cupboard is also perfectly fine.
Eat a spoonful a day, every morning on an empty stomach for 3 weeks, and you will notice how this  will improve your overall well-being.
You can soon expect to feel more energetic and focused. And if you’ve been experiencing joint pain or coughs before taking this elixir, you’ll notice how these symptoms will be significantly reduced. Also your sexual energy will be on fire. It’s my pleasure 💘

The stinging nettle only
Will still be found to stand:
The numberless, the lonely,
The thronger of the land,
The leaf that hurts the hand.

That thrives, come sun, come showers;
Blow east, blow west, it springs;
It peoples towns, and towers
Above the courts of Kings,
And touch it and it stings.
— Alfred Edward Housman